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For "sail" I've always used *{joqwI''a'} - a MUCH bigger version of a {joqwI'} "flab, banner".

(Lieven < MO, 1/09/2012):  {tlhIm} is commonly used for a fabric wall hanging (that might, for example, have a picture of the Klingon emblem on it). If a piece of cloth is displayed at the end of a pole, it is considered a {joqwI'} ("flag"); a {tlhIm} covers some sort of surface.

I don't know if this covers things hanging down from a horizontal pole or out from a diagonal pole.  His point here seems to be that {joqwI'} are not hung on a wall.  Okrand has related {joq} with sails:

(HQ 10.4):  when a banner or sail flaps, the correct word to use is {joq} "flap, flutter, wave."

As for "beyond", I posted a relevant line from the paq'batlh today in another thread:

  Sepvetlh latlh DopDaq Hatlh lengtaHvIS qeylIS
  On the other side of the land, Kahless traveled the lands (PB)


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sail (n)

Do we have a usual way of expressing the concept of "beyond" like:

On the other side of the mountain, there is a prison kind of thing?

or Past the crossroads someone did something?

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