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Rhona Fenwick qeslagh at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 08:55:45 PDT 2017

jIjatlhpu' jIH:

> On the other hand, "word games" isn't quite a fair assessment.
(poD vay')

mujang SuStel, jatlh:
(poD vay')
> But when I say I'm going to ignore your question about what you call that stuff
> and talk about how an unspecified agent covered my car while it was snowing,
> that's playing word-games.

Marc's not in on this conversation, and clearly I'm in no position to answer the question of what you call that stuff. With due respect to nIqolay, there was at least one item on his weather list for which we have both noun and verb in TKD already ({SoD} "flood"), and in the as-yet absence of a noun for "snow", knowing that he's a learner I thought it might be helpful to show other means of expressing the same idea if he was struggling with them (and as I said, I was working more from a perspective of let's-find-the-epistemological gap, hence the misunderstanding). That's all. "Playing word-games" was not on my agenda and that was the reason for my replacement proverb. If that wasn't enough I'll apologise in English: I'm sorry for the confusion.

QeS 'utlh
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