[tlhIngan Hol] mu' chu' chabal tetlh!

Rhona Fenwick qeslagh at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 06:50:33 PDT 2017

ghItlhpu' Quvar, jatlh:

> Actually more for my personal practice, I'm going to try to tanslate
> some phrases, but also to show that missing words are not always a
> hinder to translate.

majQa' - I was going to do the same thing, but decided against it in the first instance. More than happy to give a couple of them a shot though :)

ghItlhpu' nIqolay, jatlh:
> More words relating to weather, weather forecasting, and weather hazards:
> - Forecast (n/v), thunder (n/v), hail (n/v), cyclone/hurricane (n),
> tornado (n), blizzard (n or v), shelter (n/v), flood (n/v), tide (n),
> drown (v)

For "shelter" (n.), surely {lulIgh} "refuge" would be appropriate.
For the verb, {Qan'egh}, {So''egh}, {yoD'egh}... etc.

jangpu' Quvar, jatlh:
> For te other words, I guess they will be words combined with {'ul} and
> {SuS} ... I'm just guessing.

Remember also that we have the recent revelation of {pe'bIl} "lightning".

taH nIqolay:
> - How to discuss snow, rain, and other weather phenomena as nouns, as
> in "three inches of rain", "my car is covered in snow", or "a storm
> was heading for the city of Quin'lat".

SISpu' pagh vI' cha' cha' 'uj Saw'bogh bIQ
"water which has a depth of 0.22 'uj rained"

peDpu'mo' DujwIj So'lu'
"because it snowed, my car is covered"

QInlatDaq tugh jevchoH
"soon it will begin to storm in Quin'lat"

QeS 'utlh
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