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On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 12:43 PM, John R. Harness <cartweel at gmail.com>

> Indeed. Yet we use "grammarian" to refer to advanced speakers all the
> time. For example, during the "Grammarian's Round Table" events at qep'a'.

I understand that some do, although I tend to avoid using it within the
context of the KLI since it is a defined level that one could
(theoretically) reach. I only know of two people who have been awarded it:
Krankor and Seqram.  (pab pIn SoHchugh je yIjatlh!!)

> Also a note from the wiki is kind of funny: There is a *Grammarian* (*pab
> pIn*) rank in the Klingon Language Certification Program
> <http://www.klingonwiki.net/bin/view/En/KlingonLanguageCertificationProgram> (one
> level above the actual highest level), but no one has ever tried to take it
> and *the KLI isn't sure how to administer it*."

The Grammarian level does have a definition of what is needed to be done to
pass it though:

The grammarian test is a little different than the others. The test is in
> two parts. The first part of test will consist of a collection of
> sentences, some grammatical, most not. The grammarian will have to provide
> an explanation of the grammatical details of the sentence, including an
> explanation for why the sentence may be ungrammatical. There will be 10
> questions of this type. The material will cover all known canon sources for
> Klingon grammar, including issues that may still not be clearly understood.

The second part of the test will be an essay, a written response to an
> essay question.

I just don't know if Holtej, or anyone else, has ever tried to figure out
10 questions of that type or if we have essay questions (which is why I
wrote in the wiki that "the KLI isn't sure how to administer it" :D).

Although I'm not at the point of taking that test, it would be nice to be
able to become an offical "KLI Grammarian" one day. I know there's also a
number of people on this list who could probably pass that level easily, so
it might be something that is worthwhile looking into going forward.

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