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> Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, March 13, 2017
> Klingon word: tar
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: poison
> Source: TKD

  bIQapqu'meH tar DaSop 'e' DatIvnIS 
  To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison. TKW 

(TKW 73):  the Klingon Tea Ceremony, in which two friends share poisoned tea as a test of bravery
(TKW 117):  Duras had sought to gain power in ways that were less than honorable. He used poison to kill Council Leader K'mpec, rather than challenging him face-to-face...
When K'mpec revealed to Picard that he had been poisoned, Worf said, "A Klingon would not use poison. The murder would have no honor." (TKW 59; TNG "Reunion")

The Klingon nerve gas {Qab} (theragen) is instantly lethal if used in its pure form, when diluted with alcohol deadens certain nerve endings in the brain. (TOS "The Tholian Web")

Cp. {DuQwI' pogh}:  "Resembling a gauntlet-length oversized glove, the end of the glavin has a large, vicious hook and is covered with poison-tipped spines." (STE 114; TNG "Code of Honor")

PUN: rat (poison) backwards?

SuQ 		be toxic (v)

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