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> Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, June 26, 2017
> Klingon word: chal
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: sky

'o meQ qul!  'o meQ chal! 
(KCD, opening of qul tuq)

qaS jajlo', wovchoH chal 
Then dawn lights the surroundings (PB)

chalDaq DapawmeH wutlhDaq bInejnIS 
To reach the heavens, you must seek underground (PB)

jachtaHvIS je chal luSIch beychaj 
[translation not available] (PB)

chalqach  				tower (n)
logh chal je 'angweD		planetarium (n)
logh chal je 'angweD qach 	planetarium (building) (n)

lay 			air (technical term) (n)
rewve' 		air (everyday word) (n)
muD 			atmosphere (n)
SuS 			wind (n)
SIp 			gas (n)
'eng 			cloud (n)

The 23rd-century love song "Beyond Antares" begins: "The skies are green and glowing where my heart is..." (sung by Uhura in TOS "The Conscience of the King" and TOS "The Changeling")

In the TNG episodes the sky of Qo'noS as seen from orbit was usually a blue-green color - {SuD} - so heavily overcast that geographical features weren't visible.  Cf. John Ford's Klingon proverb: "If there are gods, they do not help, and justice belongs to the strong: but know that all things done before the naked stars are remembered." (TFR [1984], p. 23 et passim)

(qurgh, qep'a' 2016):  For a cloudy day, [Okrand] used {jul So' 'eng} ("clouds hide the sun") or {jul tlhoDmoH 'eng} ("clouds filter the sun") ... depending on just how cloudy things are.

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