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> Those lines from the paq’batlh are:
>   wa'DIch Hegh moratlh
>     wej SuvwI' SuvtaHvIS
>     mongDaj DuQlu' 'ej Hegh
>   ghIq Hegh qanjIt
>     qeylIS retlhDaq Suv
>     wa' jagh HoHta' HeghtaHvIS
>   First, Morath fell …
>   [remainder of translation wanting (PB p148f.)]

*First, Morath fell,*

*Fighting three men at once,*

*A fatal wound in his neck killed him.*

*Then, Kanjit fell,*

*Fighting at Kahless's side,*
*Killing one enemy while he fell.*
(paq'raD, canto 17, lines 16-21, p148)

> and the sequence:
>   wa'DIch nach 'ay'
>   cha'DIch ghIv 'ay'
>   wejDIch burgh 'ay'
>   loSDIch bIng 'ay'
>   vaghDIch Dung 'ay'
>   tagha' tIq Hoch botlh
>   Hochlogh Dat joqtaHjaj
>  [translation wanting (PB)]
This is a bit of ritualized and vaguely mystical poetry where Kahless does
the forms of the mok'bara with his father to bring him back from the dead.

*First Nach, the form of the head.*

*Then Ghiv, the form of the legs and arms.*

*Then Burgh, the form of the stomach.*

*Then Bing, the form of the space above and below. *

*Then Dung, the space beside.*

*And finally Tiq, the heart and center of all things,*
*May it forever beat, anywhere.*
(paq'raD, canto 3, lines 10-16, p102)

(Note that the English doesn't quite get the meaning of Klingon positional
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