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Thu Jun 8 10:44:24 PDT 2017

Nice,  I’d forgotten about {lIb} :

  Qob lIb bam SoH chuDlI' je
  You and your people are in danger. (STID)

Meanings confirmed at qepHom 2013:

lIb                    be impending, be  imminent, loom (v)
bam                 face, have the prospect of having to deal with (v)
chuD                people, kin, member of the same group/tribe/clan (n)

<<  And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
<<  Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?
<    'ej tagha' repDaj lop Ha'DIbaH naQbe'
<    'ej boghmeH betle'HemDaq yItlI'. [3]

I’m not sure I understand {naQbe’} “un-full/un-whole” here.  Perhaps {Doch} “be rude”, {Qut} “be vulgar”, {qej} “be grouchy/mean” or -- best of all --- {naH} "be hostile/malicious":

  ghach jIvvo' naH. DaH pIghvamDaq So''eghtaH
  There is a criminal hiding in these ruins. (STID)

More of those new-ish words from STID confirmed at qepHom 2013:

ghach   lurk, lie in wait, lie low (v)
jIvvo'                criminal, villain, malefactor,  terrorist (n)
naH                 be hostile, malicious, unfriendly, antagonistic (v)

Ooh!  How about calling it (whatever it is) a personified -- or is it figurative? - {maQmIgh} “dark omen, sign of evil coming”.  If not in these lines, then surely somewhere else in this evocative poem?


On Behalf Of SuStel

On 6/8/2017 10:44 AM, SuStel wrote:
tugh cha'DIch ghoSbej.

You can't escape that this means Soon, as a second step, he surely goes. If cha'DIch absolutely must be there, you need tugh qaS pawpu'ghach cha'DIch.

Ooh! How about lIb pawpu'ghach cha'DIch the Second Coming is imminent.



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