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I have attempted a translation of another classical poem. This time, it's
"The Second Coming", by William Butler Yeats. The version of the poem I
used can be found here:

cha'DIch ghoS [1]

Sachbogh ghoDaq tlhe'taHqu' 'oH.
wamwI' QoylaHbe' wammeH bo'Degh.
Sab Dochmey. ngaDlaHbe'taH botlh.
qo'Daq chutmey Hutlhbogh nugh'e' 'uchHa'lu'.
bIQ'a''e' HurghmoHbogh 'Iw 'uchHa'lu' 'ej Dat
chuntaHghach tay SoD bIQ'a'.
pagh Har nIvqu'wI'pu' 'ach
pe'vIl nongqu' QIvqu'wI'pu'.

tugh vay' 'anglu'bej.
tugh cha'DIch ghoSbej.
cha'DIch ghoS! mu'meyvetlh vIjatlhpu'DI'
SIbI' mInDu'wIj Suj
mIllogh'a''e' Delbogh qo' qa'.
Deb voghDaq QIt 'uSDu'Daj vIHmoH
vIghro''a' porgh loD nach je ghajbogh tu'qom.
pagh lu'agh mInDu'Daj 'ej vupbe' bIH. jul lurur.
Dechbogh retlhDajDaq jIr Deb bo'Deghmey QeH QIbmey.
pumqa' QIb 'ach
cha'SaD DIS poH QongwI' let
najHa'moHpu' Qombogh ghu QongDaq DaH 'e' vISov. [2]
'ej tagha' repDaj lop Ha'DIbaH naQbe'
'ej boghmeH betle'HemDaq yItlI'. [3]

[1] I'm basing this on the controversial canon from the SkyBox card where
{wa'DIch} was used as an adverbial for "the first time". I wanted to keep
the idea of "second" in the translation, because of the religious
connotations of the "second coming", so I didn't use {ghoSqa'}. I didn't
use something like {ghoSpu'ghach cha'DIch} since I wanted to avoid {-ghach}
as much as possible (though I still ended up using it elsewhere). {cha'logh
ghoS} suggests both comings, not just the second one. So I'm rolling the
dice on the adverbial {-DIch}.
[2] {Qom} isn't the right word here, but earthquakes at least fit the
apocalyptic tone, and there's not much else to use. Maybe one of the
airplane movement verbs?
[3] I would appreciate any suggestions on how to better translate "slouch".
{yIt} just doesn't seem to cut it.
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