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Thu Jun 1 13:30:34 PDT 2017

For Nerd Fitness Rising Heroes, a real life RPG sort of thing I'm doing
online, one of the tasks this week is to record a short video to send to my
squad-mates about the progress I am making towards one of my goals. Since
that goal is learning Klingon, I thought it would be appropriate to make
some of the video in Klingon. They won't understand it, but I'd like it to
be accurate nonetheless, so I was hoping someone could look at this and let
me know if there are any errors:

tlhIngan Hol vIHaD. cha' ngoQ vIghaj. wa'DIch: Hol patlh ghojwI' vIchav
vIneH. patlhvam chavlu'meH, qep'a'Daq qaD tu'lu'. 'op mu'tlhegh mughnISlu'.
qaDvamvaD jIqeqmeH, 'echletHomDaq mu'tay' vISovnISbogh jIghItlhpu'.
jIyIttaHvIS vIHaD. pab vIHaDmeH, mu'ghom tlhIngan vIlaDqa' 'ej paq latlh,
"From the Grammarian's Desk", vIlaDchoHpu'.

tlhIngan Hol jIQoyDI', vIyajlaH vIneH. ngoQ cha'DIch 'oH. ngoQvam Qatlh
law' ngoQwIj wa'DIch Qatlh puS. wa' ben, mu' law' vISov, 'ach jIHvaD
jatlhchugh vay', vIyajlaHbe'. vaj, teSDu'wIj vIqeqnIS. qon puS vIghaj.
qonDaq, tlhIngan Hol jatlh po'wI'pu'. vI'Ij 'ej mu'mey jatlhbogh vIghItlh
'e' vInID. bom tlhIngan vI'Ij je.

jupwI', DaH peja'. ngoQraj bochav'a'? tlhIngan vIttlheghvam yIqaw:
bIQapqu'meH, tar DaSop 'e' DatIvnIS.

Intended translation is:

"I am studying Klingon. I have two goals. First: I want to achieve the
ghojwI' rank. To achieve this rank, there is a challenge at the qep'a'. One
must translate some sentences. In order to train for this challenge, I have
written the vocabulary I need to know on cards. I study them while I am
walking. In order to study grammar, I am rereading The Klingon Dictionary
and I have started reading another book, "From the Grammarian's Desk."

"When I hear Klingon, I want to be able to understand it. It is my second
goal. This goal is more difficult than my first goal. Last year, I knew
many words, but if someone spoke to me, I could not understand them. Thus,
I need to train my ears. I have several recordings. In the recordings,
experts speak Klingon. I listen and try to write the words they say. I also
listen to Klingon songs.

"Friends, now you report. Are you achieving your goals? Remember the
Klingon proverb: To really succeed, you must enjoy eating poison. "

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