[tlhIngan Hol] qep'a' cha'maH loSDIch New words and some tidbits

Michael Roney, Jr. nahqun at gmail.com
Sat Jul 29 17:33:38 PDT 2017

On Sat, Jul 29, 2017 at 8:14 PM, qurgh lungqIj <qurgh at wizage.net> wrote:
> On Jul 29, 2017 6:49 PM, "Jeremy Silver" <jp.silver at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Are {welwelwel} and {'Imyagh} nouns or verbs?
> They are sounds made by animals like "meow".
> qurgh

The cat said, "meow".

The cat meowed as I walked by.

In English, we have noun and verb forms of animal sounds.
How should we treat them in Klingon?

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