[tlhIngan Hol] My list of 19 new words revisited

André Müller esperantist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 07:41:52 PDT 2017

Hey Andrew,

I remember last time, some people were a bit harsh that time. But it's good
to see you back and I must say your list of words is really well thought
through. Most of the words will probably be readily understandable for most
Klingonists, except for perhaps "wifebeater". It's (I think) an English
slang term that wouldn't be literally understandable by non-English
speakers. Most will understand a person who beats their wife.

Also note that it is somewhat of an unwritten custom to not write compound
words as one word if it's not a word from Okrandian canon. So, better use a
space, like {DIr vemmey}, (lit. 'marks of the skin'). But it's not a big
mistake or anything.

Just my 0.50 darseks
- André 🖖

On 27 Jul 2017 10:33, "Jesse Manoogian" <boyfromtheabyss at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi, guys. It's Andrew again.

Back at the end of 2015, I appeared on this mailing list with a list of 19
words missing in Klingon. Upon your encouragement I came up with
equivalents for most of them using the existent roots, but now I see that
many of my conceptions on how Klingon agglutination worked were wrong.

Well, I've been reading up on tlhIngan Hol -- learning more about the
vocabulary, the affixes, and the rules of morphology, and I think I've got
acceptable compounds and workarounds for all the words on my list now.

Have a gander.

be blonde: SuD (be yellow) works fine
be straight (of hair): beQ (be flat)
be curly: gho rur (resemble a circle)
be wavy: yu'eghmey rur (resemble waves)
be bald: jIb ghajbe' (to not have hair)
be hazel: SuD 'ej wovbe' (be yellow/green and non-bright -- I thought "SuD
'ej Doq 'ej wovbe'" was too unwieldy)
freckles: DIrvemmey (skin-mark-PL)
wrinkle: bentlhegh (age-line)
glasses: mIn'al'onmey (eye-glass-PL)
braces: Ho'baS (tooth-metal -- it's singular -- as I understand, they say
the singular "brace" in British English, so this has precedent)
tattoo: DIrmIllogh (skin-picture)
jeans: yopwaH ghegh (rough pants) -- and I also notice "yopwaH buq" for
"pants pouch; trouser pocket" -- how about buq yopwaH for cargo pants?
polo shirt: wep yor poSmoH ([sleeved] shirt with open top)
tank top: be'nalmoqwI' (a calque of the English wifebeater)
headphones: nachQoywI' (head-hearer . . . a calque from the German
skateboard: rutlh'echlet (wheel-board)
guitar: javHurDagh (six + stringed instrument)
bass: javHurDagh jaQ (deep guitar)
be teenage, be adolescent: nenchoH (become adult)
teen, adolescent, youth, young adult: nuv nenchoH (person becoming adult)


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