[tlhIngan Hol] Don't they have jay' arrows ?

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Wed Jul 19 10:56:19 PDT 2017

On 7/19/2017 1:46 PM, Ed Bailey wrote:
> If the play is from before {cha} and {pu'} had their modern meanings, 
> maybe it's not a dodge after all. Perhaps these words translate at 
> least roughly from no' Hol as "slings" and "arrows," and are connected 
> to the irregular plural of {peng} and the {pu'} in {DaSpu'}.

First, let's remember that /Hamlet/ is not by Okrand; it's not 
canonical. Don't go crazy trying to work this into your personal 
understanding of Klingon.

Then, for those who haven't read it, know that /Hamlet/ is given a 
backstory in its introduction: it's actually a fairly modern Klingon 
play, written by a Klingon after Klingons have achieved spaceflight and 
apparently after contact with the Federation. But the sneaky Federation 
has waged a propaganda war against the Klingon Empire and created a 
false history of Earth literature, in which Shex'pir was actually a 
human from many centuries earlier, so it's hard to go and find proof 
that this isn't true. This edition of /Hamlet/ is an attempt to counter 
this propaganda and "reconstruct" what the original Klingon must have 
looked like.

So when /Hamlet/ says *cha pu' je,* you should take it literally and in 
its modern sense.


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