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> DaH qep'a' ve'meH bonablaH.

If the {ve'} as a verb of movement follows the same rules with {jaH}, and
the sentence refers to a single person, then..

shouldn't this be {DaH qep'a'Daq Dave'meH bInablaH} or {DaH qep'a' Da'vemeH
bInablaH} ?

For "now, in order to travel at the qep'a' you are able to plan" ?

> pa' SoHtaH pagh meyrI' SoHtaH!

"there you are or a square you are being" ?


On 5 Jul 2017 6:21 pm, "David Holt" <kenjutsuka at live.com> wrote:

If you missed your chance to get a shirt, you can still attend the qep'a'
at a discounted rate. Also, some attendees may still be looking for
roommates, so feel free to post here to see if anyone is willing to share a
room with you.

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QaptaH qep'a' weQmoQnaQ tamey.  DaH qep'a' ve'meH bonablaH.  SIbI' yImuv!

Get all the details, register, and make your hotel reservations at

pa' SoHtaH pagh meyrI' SoHtaH!

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