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Brian Cote wearetheinformation00 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 15:19:02 PST 2017

While reconsidering this sentence:
{'ej not bIQ'a' qoDDaq lengchu'be}
/and he had never actually traveled around it/
I realized that the English translation is a little dubious.
The German uses "durchfahren" which means to "travel
through" in the sense of to "travel through (a tunnel)"
or "pass (beneath a bridge."

And so, I came up with:

{'ej not bIQ'a' qoD(Daq) chIqchu'}


{'ej bIQ'a' qoDDaq ghaHtaHvIS poSayDon'e',
not lengchu'}

The second sentence seems very clunky to me, although
I'm not sure if the first one is correct grammar-wise.

Second question: {legh} v {leghpu'}. In the story the only
chance Poseidon will get to travel the oceans is in the far
future, in a mythical End of Times. Although for the purposes
of the story, it _is_ treated like a historical fact. So, my question
is: can you use {leghpu'} if the event it's referring to (the event
that brings the hypothetical into the historical) will happen far,
far in the future?

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