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> Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, January 23, 2017
> Klingon word: mangghom
> Part of speech: noun
> Definition: army
> Source: TKD

nuH'e' qengbogh mangghomvam
  luDel 'e' ra' molor 
Molor asks them what weapons this army carries (PB)

qorDu'Daj lon lojmIt ngaQHa'moH
  SumchoH mangghom 'Iw largh
  moratlh wanI'vam DaSov
He leaves his kin, unlocks the gates,
  The army closes in, smelling blood.
  Oh, Morath, and you know this:  (PB)

chaH neH wovmoHlu'be'
  chaH 'emvo' ghoS
  SuvwI'pu' mangghom yoH
[translation not available] (PB)

mangghomvam DevwI'
  luDel 'e' ra' molor
vaj ghaH lujang
  mangghom luDev wej loD
[translation not available] (PB)

SIqral wej bIQtIqHommeyDaq
  cha' mangghom
[translation not available] (PB)

Qam mangghomchaj 'ej bej
  nuHmey lonta' 'ej Hop
  noHvam charghwI'pu' wuq cha' SuvwI'
[translation not available] (PB)

KGT 50:  The usual plural form of {mang} [soldier] is a different word altogether: {negh} (warriors, soldiers)... All of the {negh} together make up something called a {mangghom}. Literally, this is `warrior group' or `soldier group,' but it is usually translated as army.

N.B. Do not confuse {mangghom} with {mangHom} "cadet"!

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