[tlhIngan Hol] Drafting Klingon press statement re Axanar lawsuit for LCS

Sai conlangs at saizai.com
Sun Jan 8 12:04:31 PST 2017

Thank you, André. I've also run it by Joey Windsor, who added an 'oH
in <HoSghajqu'mo' 'oH che'laHbe' qech ghajwI' chut.>

It's now posted.

Statement: <http://conlang.org/axanar/#updates>

Translation notes & embedding instructions: <http://conlang.org/axanar-klingon/>

Both the statement and translation notes have an explanation of why we
went with <pa'ra'mon> rather than <Paramount>.

Comments & feedback welcome, on this or anything else.


On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 2:53 PM, André Müller <esperantist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Sai,
> I have drafted a brief translation of your statement, which in my opinion is
> quite close (but not too much) to the text, and I added a re-translation as
> well. I'm positive it would be understood correctly. But I'd like to have
> other speakers have a look and see if there's either a mistake, or perhaps a
> possibility to rephrase or maybe throw in one or two specific Klingon
> phrases or a pun, or something similar... one of the words in the text is
> slang, I don't know how appropriate this is in such a statement. And perhaps
> there is a better word for "intellectual property law" other than my attempt
> of {qech ghajwI' chut} (lit. 'idea owner law').
> So here's my attempt:
>> Klingon is a rich language that cannot be controlled by IP law. We are
>> glad that Paramount has, for now, backed down from claiming that speaking
>> Klingon, by itself, is punishable in court. Paramount overreached; we
>> successfully responded.
> pab naQ mu'mey law' je ngaSbogh Hol Dun 'oHbej tlhIngan Hol'e'.
> HoSghajqu'mo' che'laHbe' qech ghajwI' chut. tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'DI' bIjlaH
> bo'DIj 'op ret 'e' wuqpu' Paramount malja'. DaH wuqHa'pu'mo', maQuch. tlhoy
> tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' moH 'e' nIDpu' Paramount malja', vaj majangchu'.
> = The Klingon language is a clearly a glorious language which contains a
> complete grammar and many words. Because it is very powerful, the law of the
> idea owner does not rule it. In the past, the Paramount business has decided
> that as soon as someone speaks Klingon, the court can punish them. Now,
> because it un-decided it, we are happy. The Paramount business tried to
> <SLANG>exert undue influence</SLANG> on the speakers of the Klingon
> language, so we responded clearly.
> Greetings from Switzerland,
> - André
> 2017-01-07 22:17 GMT+01:00 Sai <conlangs at saizai.com>:
>> Hello all.
>> You are probably aware by now of the LCS' amicus brief about
>> copyrightability of the Klingon language in the Paramount v Axanar
>> case: <http://conlang.org/axanar>
>> I'm drafting a press statement summarizing our involvement in the
>> case, its impact, the change in Paramount's position, why we used
>> pIqaD and humor in the brief, etc.
>> I would like to start the statement with a part in Klingon, saying
>> something to the effect of the following:
>> > Klingon is a rich language that cannot be controlled by IP law. We are
>> > glad that Paramount has, for now, backed down from claiming that speaking
>> > Klingon, by itself, is punishable in court. Paramount overreached; we
>> > successfully responded.
>> It does NOT need to be tied to the English source (though I'll need a
>> backtranslation); I simply want it to convey the basic ideas. This
>> should be on the interpretation end of the scale, not the 1:1
>> equivalence end, and I'm happy to have it changed to fit what would
>> work better in Klingon, use a Klingon pun, etc.
>> Ideally, it would:
>> * be done by end of day today (Pacific time)
>> * use some non-TKD words that are community-developed and -accepted
>> * use legal terms (like IP law or copyright) translated such that
>> they'd pass as reasonable to the community
>> * be about a paragraph long
>> A paragraph is long enough to prove that Klingon is not just for
>> random one-off phrases, while being short enough that it is likely to
>> be quoted.
>> This press release is likely to get very widely publicized, and I
>> would like the Klingon paragraph to be the leading summary. The point
>> of using Klingon in the press statement is to demonstrate by example
>> that it can be used to talk about things that are not merely
>> "describing life for a space-faring warrior race of aliens, or
>> satirizing Star Trek fans" — like the above.
>> If you're willing to help, please email me offlist, preferably with
>> your Google account email (if you have one), since the draft is in a
>> google doc.
>> It would also help to IM me directly; see accounts @
>> <https://s.ai/contact>.
>> I'm happy to give credit — or not — as preferred.
>> Separately from the above, if any of you have questions about the case
>> or our involvement in it, or about the LCS itself, I'd be happy to
>> answer them.
>> As I hope you understand, the amount that we are able to reach out
>> about legal filings before they're actually submitted in court is very
>> limited. The same goes for any legal strategy, decisions, etc. There
>> are issues of privilege, timing, and possible conflicts of interest.
>> We did not want to put KLI in a problematic position with Paramount by
>> being directly involved in our amicus curiae brief opposing them, when
>> KLI has an existing working arrangement that has avoided it being an
>> issue.
>> The translations in the first brief (the actual amicus) were done by
>> our lawyers, mainly using Bing. Yes, we know they're not good;
>> unfortunately, timing and the need to keep it within privilege
>> prevented a better review. However, the fact that one can comment on
>> the translations being wrong does go to prove the point that Klingon
>> is a real language.
>> The translations in reply on the renewal motion were done first by the
>> same method, then reviewed by Tony Harris and Joey Windsor.
>> If there are any issues in the future where our help would be useful,
>> please get in touch. <lcs at conlang.org> should work as a long-term
>> primary contact for most things.
>> For things related to any legal issues, including the Axanar case,
>> <press at conlang.org> is a better contact, as I receive press@ (but not
>> lcs@) email, and am the main person within LCS who handles such things
>> (short of actual legal advice or representation).
>> Sincerely,
>> Sai
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