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Does Klingon language allow bahuvrihi compounds?
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bahuvrihi
For example. {paq batlh} would be expected to mean "the honor of the book", not "the book of honor". If Klingon allows bahuvrihis, it would also mean "he whose book is honorable" or "he whose book is about honor" or similar.
Does the intruded apostrophe here mean not a glottal stop but a special pronunciation to give this compound a special meaning? I have been theorizing that some Klingon features with unusual word order are survivals from a long-ago time when Klingon had much freer word order and relationships between words was often decided by now-vanished case endings.
For the apparent components of {paQDI'norgh} = "teachings", I get:
paQ :: not found, but {paq} means "book"
DI' ::  {DI} means "[litter|rubble|debris]"
DI' :: DI' VS9 [as_soon_as|when]
DI'on N [characteristic|trait]
DI'ruj N reality
norgh :: A Klingon animal like a shark
(Long ago on this email group, I was told off for using {norgh} to mean an Earth shark when describing adventures in the Red Sea.)
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No big question here, but I came across this time stamp in the paq'batlh and found it very interesting. 
paq'raD 14:19-21
may' lunungbogh repmey'e'
qeylISvaD mu'meyvam
ja'ta' molor qotar je
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