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<nej> already means "look for" and the "for" of <-vaD> doesn't fit looking for something , since it implies a benefactor, "for the sake of", and not the target of <nej>.

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To answer the remainder of your original question, I pulled {paqvaD qanejmoH} off of the "klingon_grammar" page on the Wikipedia. However there was no citation given for where the example of this particular construction came from. 

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    On 1/15/2017 9:34 PM, Brian Cote wrote:


      ej vaj ghaH QeHqu'moH qechna'vam 'ej bI'reS Qu'DajvaD 
      ghaH parqu'moH.

      Disregarding your suggestions for recasting these sentences 
      for the moment.

      {bI'reS} - I was intending to use it as a time stamp, as in
       the {paq'batlh}, however, I'm thinking {wa'DIch} might have 
      been more appropriate here.

    wa'DIch would have been better. A bI'reS is the
      beginning of some artistic performance, not a job.


      {Qu'DajvaD ghaH parqu'moH} - I'll explain my thinking here.
       I was intending to write /(this idea specifically) caused
        him to 
      really dislike his duty/. I based this on the example of
       {paqvaD qanejmoH}, but as I'm currently writing this,
       I'm realizing that this probably falls under the category
      the "prefix trick", correct? I was thinking that {ghaH} would
       the explicit direct object and {Qu'Daj} would be the
       indirect object. This obviously didn't work, correct?

    Does paqvaD qanejmoH appear in paq'batlh? I have
      only about two-thirds of it typed in and searchable, and what I
      have already done doesn't contain that phrase.
    Our first example of how to do this was on a SkyBox card, where
      the phrase was ghaHvaD quHDaq qawmoH it causes him to
        remember his heritage. Following this pattern, your desired
      sentence would be ghaHvaD Qu'Daj parqu'moH it causes
        him to really dislike his task.


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