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Sat Jan 14 17:10:47 PST 2017

Here's a little bit more. Getting close to the end of the first pass.

roD bIQ yu'eghDaq lIgh, DuQwI' jeqbogh che'wI' nuH'e' 'ochtaHvIS,
'e' luHar ghot law'. 'ej vaj ghaH QeHqu'moH qechna'vam 'ej bI'reS
Qu'DajvaD ghaH parqu'moH.
>What irritated him most — and it was this that was chiefly responsible
for his dissatisfaction with his job — was to hear of the conceptions
formed about him: how he was always riding about through the tides
with his trident.

yuQ bIQ'a'Daq ba'taHvIS, SImtaH. 'e' 'oH ghu' teH'e'. rut yupItIr
SuchmeH, leng poSayDon. 'e' 'oH DaltaHbe'ghachDaj neH'e'.
motlh cheghtaHvIS, QeH.
>When all the while he sat here in the depths of the world-ocean,
doing figures uninterruptedly, with now and then a trip to Jupiter
as the only break in the monotony — a trip, moreover, from which
he usually returned in a rage.


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