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>DoyIchlan Hol vIjatlhbe'. DIvI' Hol jatlhwI'vaD DoyIchlan Hol lutvam
Damughta''a' SoH'e'?

>Is this a story in which we find Poseidon sitting and calculating, or is
this expressing the general idea that Poseidon sits and calculates, that
this is just a thing that Poseidon tends to do? If the former, I'd prefer
to see *ba'taH* and *SImtaH,* as he's in the middle of doing these things
when the story starts.

It's a bit of both, but with this piece Kafka's writing from a practical,
grounded perspective, so {ba'taH} and {SImtaH} are probably more applicable.

>A stylistic note: the plural suffixes are usually optional in Klingon, and
should be dropped when they are not needed to make plurality clear. You
could say *boQwI' law'* and no one would fail to understand that you're
talking about *many aids.*

Sounds good.

>Speaking of *boQwI',* did you know the word *boQ* also means *aide,* as in
a person who assists? You can just call them *boQ*
*aide, aides. *

I was probably limiting the meaning of {boQ} a bit too much. I was thinking
"aid" as in "are you in need of aid?" But duly noted.

>In that second sentence, I'd probably say *vuSbe'lu'* instead of
*vuSHa'lu'.* The latter is the undoing or misdoing of limits rather than
the former's simple not limiting.

>With *Hoch SImqa',* while the lack of a *lu- *prefix makes it impossible
for the subject to be *they* (the assistants), I had to think carefully to
figure out what the subject and object were here. You might want to make
them explicit (redundant subjects or objects are never wrong in Klingon
when they aid understanding):
*Hoch SImqa' poSayDon. *

>The use of *neH* in the last sentence is not necessarily correct. You want
it to apply to the *loQ* (to mean *only a little*), but TKD only lets it
apply to nouns (*only*) or verbs (*merely*). You might recast the sentence
like this: *vaj ghaHvaD ram boQchaj** thus their aid was trivial to him.*
This might be confusing, because *boQ* ALSO means *assistance,* so an
alternative could be: *vaj ghaHvaD ram QaHchaj*
* so their help was trivial to him. *

qeS Dun. maj!


>lutvam vISovbe'; bImugh vaj 'e' vItIvbej.
/weekend/ nom vImughlaH, /weekday/mey QIt vImugh. 'ach vImughlI'bej.

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