[tlhIngan Hol] <<poSaydon>> vImughlI'

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Sat Jan 7 16:32:37 PST 2017

On 1/7/2017 6:52 PM, Brian Cote wrote:
> Hello, here's my first draft attempt at translating the opening
> of one of my favorite short pieces by Franz Kafka: "Poseidon."
> vummeH raSDajDaq ba' poSayDon 'ej SIm.
> >Poseidon sat at his desk, doing figures.
> >Poseidon saß an seinem Arbeitstisch und rechnete.
> Hoch bIQmey loH not 'e' mev.
> >The administration of all the waters gave him endless work.
> >Die Verwaltung aller Gewässer gab ihm unendliche Arbeit.
> boQwI'pu' law' rItlaH, mI'chaj vuSHa'lu', 'ej SaHbej HochHom
> chaH, 'ach ghaHvaD potlhqu'mo' Qu'Daj, Hoch Simqa', 'ej vaj
> loQ luQaH neH boQwI'pu'Daj.
> >He could have had assistants, as many as he wanted — and he
> did have very many — but since he took his job very seriously,
> he would in the end go over all the figures and calculations
> himself, and thus his assistants were of little help to him.
> >Er hätte Hilfskräfte haben können, wie viel er wollte, und er
> hatte auch sehr viele, aber da er sein Amt sehr ernst nahm,
> rechnete er alles noch einmal durch und so halfen ihm
> die Hilfskräfte wenig.

majQa'. Doj. lughmoHbogh qeS DapIH'a'?


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