[tlhIngan Hol] General Advice

DloraH seruq at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 6 11:15:20 PST 2017

> And if you are lacking people to talk with, just talk to yourself. Maybe 
> not everywhere *haha* 

During the past couple decades, one could put a bluetooth thingy in
their ear and others will just think one is talking on the phone.

> but for instance, when you are alone or driving in 
> the car, try to describe what you are doing: "I now open the door" - "I 
> am feeding the cat" - "I must pay the bill I just received" - "This 
> piece of bread is too big too eat" and so on.

qaStaHvIS SeD ghItlh 'e' tuchbogh chut ghaj HochHom yoS, 'ach qaStaHvIS
SeD vIghro' je' 'e' tuchbogh chut vISovbe' 'e' vIchID.

- DloraH

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