[tlhIngan Hol] Quvar, QISmaS cake Davutta''a'

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 09:32:27 PST 2017

the only valid argument presented here was the argument put forth by
qurgh who said:

> But it does put each sentence on it's own line so the reader can tell when they
> end (so the same job as a period does). If you are going to copy TKD format, then
> you need to follow everything it does. Remember that the goal of this list is to help
> people learn, study, and discuss the Klingon language. If your messages are incomprehensible
> by the majority then you are no longer on topic IMO.

because I do want to help beginners, from now on I will put each
sentence in its own line, and use curly brackets to single it out
according to tkd. and if a beginner wants to discuss any sentence, I
will be happy to reply.

but I will be damned if I use punctuation ever again. I am not writing
to entertain "experts"; I am writing in order to practice and yes help
others. As qurgh said, this list is to help people learn. Not to
please you "experts".

so, unless someone now tells me that I have to use the same fonts with
tkd, the same operating system 'oqranD used, or wear the same clothes
he was wearing when he was writing the tkd, then I believe this matter
is settled.

{taghwI'pu' vIQaH vIneHmo' DaqDajDaq Hoch mu'tlhegh vIlan 'ej
jIghItlhtaHvIS Degh {} vIlo'}
{mu'tlhegh wIpoj neHchugh taghwI' vaj vIjangqang}
{'a Degh boneHbogh vIlo'chugh vaj SuQaghhu'}
{po'wI'qoqvaD jISaHQo'}
{jIqeq 'ej latlhpu' QaH Dochmey neH vIneH}
{po'wI'pu' belvaD QIn tetlhvam tu'lu'be'}
{tujatlhbe'chugh tkd ngutlh Degh rap yIlo' nIqHom ram'e' lo'ta'bogh
'oqranD tIlo' Sut rap tuQta'bogh 'oqranD yIlo' vaj rIn}

qunnoH jan puqloD

On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 9:39 PM, De'vID <de.vid.jonpin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2 January 2017 at 20:14, Felix Malmenbeck <felixm at kth.se> wrote:
>> In any event, I suspect that punctuation might be less standardized in
>> Klingon than it is in English, and therefore be used mainly for the sake of
>> clarity and disambiguation.
>> When writing a single, simple sentence, as is often the case in TKD,
>> punctuation might not be considered very important, and might even be
>> completely optional.
>> When writing poetry, punctuation might follow (or boldly subvert!) the
>> standards of the form one is using.
> We're not talking about punctuation in {pIqaD}, of which we have
> examples in the SkyBox cards. We're talking about punctuation in the
> Latin transcription, which is a convention only. The convention
> established in canon for regular text (as opposed to poetry, or when
> dissecting a sentence for grammatical exposition) is to use commas,
> periods, and question marks as appropriate.
> --
> De'vID
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