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Wed Feb 15 06:48:03 PST 2017

>  From :Christoph.PICHLMANN at agrana.com
> That reminded me of something a character in the Discworld novels said - I've tried to translate it, but I don' think I really succeeded.
> Here's my attempt:
> *pab chut*  bIHmeH Dachovchu' DabIvpa'.
> The (paraphrased) quote from Prattchet: "Rules are there so you think before you break them."

On 2/15/2017 3:35 AM, Anthony Appleyard wrote:
> I am tempted to try:-
> pab chut Dachovchu'meH DabIvpa', pab chut bIHtaH.

*pabHa'lu'pa' qelmoH pab
*/Rules make you think before break them.
(before one breaks rules, rules cause [someone] to consider)/

*pabHa'lu'pa' qellu'meH SaH pab
*/Rules are there to make you think before you break them.
(in order that one consider before one breaks rules, rules are present)/

*yIQIp'eghmoHQo'. yIpab jay'!
*/Don't be stupid! Follow the F'ing rules!/


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