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> Klingon Word of the Day for Thursday, February 02, 2017
> Klingon word: SeD
> Part of speech: verb
> Definition: drive (a land vehicle)
> Source: qepHom 2016

Never used AFAIK.

It's a companion verb for {lIgh} "ride":

  lupwI' DalIghnIS 
  You must ride the jitney. CK

In order to {lIgh} a vehicle apparently one has to {yong} "get in" it.  Here's the sightseeing scene from CK:

TERRAN:	vogh vISuch vIneH.  yejquv vaS'a' vISuch vIneH.
		cha'puj tlhIlHal vISuch vIneH.
		I want to visit someplace.  I want to visit the Great
		Hall of the High Council. I want to visit the dilithium

KLINGON: 	Sum Daqmeyvam, tera'ngan.
		These places are nearby, Terran.

TERRAN:	pa' jIyIt'a'?
		Can I walk there?

KLINGON:  	ghobe'.  lupwI' DalIghnIS.  yIyong 'ej pa' yIQam!
		No. You must ride the jitney. Get in and stand there.

TERRAN:	naDevvo' jIleghlaHchu'be'.
		I can't see well from here.

KLINGON:	HoS lIngwI' wIjuS.  'IH, qar'a'?
		We're passing a power generator.  It's beautiful, 
		isn't it?

TERRAN:	DaH vay' vIlarghlaH. mu'aw' mInDu'wIj. Daqvam nuq?
		Now I can smell something. My eyes sting. What is
		this place?

KLINGON:	pegh De'vetlh.
		That is classified information.

TERRAN:	ghorgh pa'wIjDaq jIchegh?
		When can I return to my room?

There's also {tIj} "board, go aboard" and {ten} "embark" which in English properly refer to ships and aircraft, though the former is used in "Talk Now" WRT taxis and trains:

  nuqDaq lupwI' mIr vItIj 
  Where is the train station? TNK

  nuqDaq ra'wI' lupwI' vItIj 
  [Where is the taxi stand?] TNK

chIj 		navigate (v)
'or  		operate/pilot (an aircraft) (v)

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