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Sun Feb 19 00:19:30 PST 2017

ghItlhpu' SuStel, jatlh:

> -wI' has the effect of nominalizing the verb into the subject of that verb.

> A vutwI' is the thing that performs vut, the subject of vut.

> If you were to say *vutlu'wI', you'd be trying to nominalize the verb into
> a nonexistent subject. No one in particular performs vutlu', so it makes
> no sense to talk about the noun that performs vutlu'.

jang mIp'av:
> As I said, I'd like to hear what MO has to say on the subject.

As would I. As would we all.

> It's bound to be more nuanced, not to mention a lot less bombastic and
> opinionated.

qaStaHvIS Hoch pemvam, De'wI'wIjDaq jIDachtaH, vaj ja'chuqtaHghachvam QeH'e' vIleghbe'pu', 'ach naDev bIwogh SoH'e' 'e' vIHar jIH, mIp'av. pab bopbogh vay' tlhoblu'bogh, wIjangmeH De' DISovbejbogh neH wIlo'laH. De' pegh wIwuvlaHbe'; maybe'. bIjatlhpu' SoH, mIp'av: "it's immediately obvious to some this combination nominalizes the same way as "-ee" in "employee"". qatlh? Qochba' SuStel, 'ej vuDlIj'e' moHtaH DIvI' Hol SovlIj 'e' Qub 'e' QIjchu' SuStel, 'ej QochmeH tlhIngan Hol De' neH lo'pu'. po' SuStel. tlhIngan Hol jatlh qaStaHvIS DISmey law'. pIj maQoch je jIH ghaH je, 'ach vuDDaj vIvuvtaH. naDev lughchu' ghaH 'e' vIQub jIH. vuDDaj DalajQo' DaneHchugh SoH'e', vaj yIruch, 'ach marq 'oqranDvo' vuD DaneH 'e' DajatlhDI' quSDaq bIba'. marqvo' tlhIngan Hol pab bopbogh Hoch'e' wIghoj wIneHba' net Sov. 'ach qaSpa', latlh nuq DaneH? vuDmeymaj neH DInoblaH. pojmeymaj DInoblaH. 'ej poj nIv Daghajchugh, vaj gho'ang. 'ach pojna' tu'lu'be'chugh - DIvI' Hol "-ee" 'oSlaHchu' {-lu'wI'} 'e' DaQubchugh - vaj yItob.

SKI: Based on the facts we have about {-lu'} and {-wI'}, QeS feels on this one SuStel has it right, and thinks it's important for all to remember that the facts we have are, as always, all we have to go on.

QeS 'utlh
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