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Fri Dec 29 08:44:01 PST 2017

Option a.:  Lieven’s post to this list on Nov. 7, 2017.

Since he regularly speaks with Marc Okrand, Lieven’s own posts are relevant even when he’s remembering a past conversation.  FYI:  a post from Okrand to Lieven (which Lieven simply forwards to this list) would be annotated “MO > Lieven” or sometimes “Lieven < MO”.


From: mayqel qunenoS
>  (Lieven, 11/07/2017) :  I need to look back where you mean this,
> but {rIS} somehow means making a crackling sound, so it can
> surely be used for any kind of humming or crackling device, and
>  also anything that is emitting something besides of sound or
> radiation. To detect a warp signature, you actually detect that the
> warpdrive is {rIS}ing.

These are:

a. an explanation written by lieven
b. an explanation written by 'oqranD and then forwarded by lieven
c. an explanation spoken by 'oqranD and then written by lieven

Which option is correct ?

~ nI'ghma

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