[tlhIngan Hol] expressing ten minutes before dawn

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
Thu Dec 21 02:26:03 PST 2017

I'm afraid that doesn't make much sense to me; I read it assomething like "Before dawn happened at ten minutes, I saw a cat."

Personally, I'm a fan of expressions such as «jajlo' wa'maH tup ret» ("the ten minutes ago f dawn"), but I believe such constructs are quite controversial with the community, with many arguing that ret/pIq, Hu'/leS, ben/nem and the like should always be measured with respect to (the speaker's) present.

You could say «qaStaHvIS jajlo' nungbogh tup wa'maHDIch» ("during the 10th minute that precedes dawn"), but that's rather cumbersome.


> 21 dec. 2017 kl. 11:16 skrev mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com>:
> If we write:
> {wa'maH tup qaSpa' jajlo', vIghro' vIlegh}
> Would it be acceptable for "ten minutes before dawn I saw a cat" ?
> ~ nI'ghma
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