[tlhIngan Hol] With "joq" - how do we choose the right verb prefix ?

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I don't know what the "proper" way to do it is, but I think it's safe to say that no (or at least almost no) Klingonists will fault you or correct you for either choice.  So say whichever feels better at the moment and don't let it worry you too much.


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Hello all,

While discussing on the "Learn Klingon" group on Facebook, we wondered how to choose the correct verb prefix when "joq" (and / or) is used in the object and / or subject of the sentence.

If we have the structure:

noun1 noun2 joq + verb

Do we consider that the object of the verb is singular or plural ?

Using an example sentence: We need to learn French and / or Klingon.

1/ vIraS Hol tlhIngan Hol joq wIghojnIS.
2/ vIraS Hol tlhIngan Hol joq DIghojnIS

if it were just a "je" we'd use "DI-" without hesitating, or if it were a "ghap" we'd use "wI-", but with joq... ?

Has it already been discussed at some point what to do when you can't determine whether a verb's object / subject is singular or plural ?

Thanks in advance :)

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