[tlhIngan Hol] The {-chuqmoH}

Anthony Appleyard a.appleyard at btinternet.com
Wed Aug 30 01:24:28 PDT 2017

muptaHvIS tay''eghmoH QeHDaj Hoch
All his rage focused in one blow  (PB)
What I get here is:
muptaHvIS may mean:-
- V:[impact|strike] VS7:continuous VS9:while
tay''eghmoH may mean:-
- V:be_together VS1:self VS4:cause
QeHDaj may mean:-
- N:anger NS4:his
Hoch may mean:-
- N:all
"While he was striking, all his anger brought itself together."
with nothing directly specifying "one blow".
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