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>> Can someone write all the {veb} and {vorgh} canon sentences ?

vorgh                    be previous (v)

(qep’a’ 2015):  When asked about navigating lists or events, [Maltz] gave us {vorgh} “be previous” (opposite of {veb} “be next”).  [One] can also use {nungbogh} ({nung} “precede”)…

muDDaq neH muD Dujmey vorgh lu'orlu', 'ach loghDaq puvlaH Dujmey 'orbogh
nuv 'e' 'agh X-wa'maH vagh.
[translation not available] (NASM: X-15)

veb                        be next (in a series, sequence) (v)

SuvwI' qa' patlh veb chavlaHmeH tlhIngan lo'chu' chaH. toDujDaj toblu'
[They] use the devices [i.e. painstiks] to inflict pain in a manner which will allow
the Klingon to attain a higher state of spirituality as a warrior, proving his mettle. (S32)

nung                     precede (v)

poH tuj bI'reS nungbogh wa' jaj qeylIS DIS chorghvatlh loSmaH jav qaStaHvIS. [sic]
In the days that follow the summer solstice in the Year of Kahless 846. ('u'-MTK)

may' lunungbogh repmey'e' qeylISvaD mu'meyvam ja'ta' molor qotar je
This is what Kotar and Molor have said to Kahless in the hours before battle. (PB)

Qav                       be last, be final (v)

eb Qav jatlhpu'
He said, "Last call!" CK

veH Qav 'oH logh'e'
space--the final frontier. S99

neSlo' tonSaw' Qav
“The Final Reflection” (title of novel by John Ford)

ghIq QavwI'chaj DuQchu' qeylIS betleH chaHDaq SIStaHvIS negh 'Iw
Then Kahless's *bat'leth* pierced the last of them, showered with
the soldiers' blood. (PB)


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