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Based on the English glosses, {mIS} "be confused, mixed up" just means any
sort of mental confusion where you don't comprehend or understand what's
going on. {rel} "be dazed, bewildered" suggests a stronger sort of mental
impairment, where you're confused enough that you can't even think straight
and don't know what to say or do. (Dictionary.com uses "stupefied" to
define "dazed", for instance.)

Assuming I'm correct, one glib way to think about it might be:
If your response to something is "Could you explain that again? I really
don't follow," you're {mIS}.
If your response to something is "Huh? How...? I don't-- what?", you're

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> Is there any considerable difference, between the words {rel} and {mIS},
> as far as their meaning is concerned ?
> qunnoq
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