[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: veng wa'DIch

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Klingon word: veng wa'DIch
Part of speech: noun
Definition: First City (capital of Kronos)

AFAIK never used by Okrand in a sentence.  (Can this be true?)

(KGT 16f):   Thus, the region containing the First City is simply called {veng wa'DIch Sep} (First City region) and {voSpegh Sep} (Vospeg region, southwest of the First City--to use directional terms familiar to speakers of Federation Standard) ... the large {Sa'Qej Sep} (Sakrej region), several thousand kilometers east of the First City... Sometimes, however, the meaning of a place name is clear, such as... {veng wa'Dich} (First City).

(KGT 10):  In some of the larger cities on Kronos, particularly the capital First City ({veng wa'Dich}), there are pockets of immigrants from these other planets who maintain their languages and customs but do so pretty much out of the hearing of the majority population.

(KGT 15):  The current standard way of speaking, the {ta' Hol}, is the variety of Klingon associated with the First City on Kronos, and this is the form of the language taught to most non-Klingons, as if there were no other way to speak. This is not at all surprising, since most visitors to the Empire restrict their stay to this one city and have very little knowledge of other parts of the Empire. In the past, this was due to travel restrictions imposed by the Klingon government, though now, perhaps because residents of the First City have become accustomed to dealing with tourists and their habits, visitors simply tend to feel somewhat more comfortable there than they do elsewhere and they avoid wandering too far away.

A dispute on Ventax II with a Klingon craftsman over the construction of a Ventaxian home was settled by an outside arbitrator because the case involved an alien culture. (TNG "Devil's Due') The presence of Klingon builders may explain the appearance of the Ventaxian capital - i.e. several large (government?) buildings resembling step-pyramids - which is reminiscent of what we've seen the First City.

veng		city (n)
mon 		capital [city] (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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