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Thanks.  I missed this one.


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{'urghwI'} is from November 2014, Voragh's notes might be from before then.

"Maltz said the card games he’d seen on Earth were all new to him and didn’t match up with any Klingon games he was familiar with.  Nevertheless, he’d become rather fond of one game, which he calls ’urghwI’ (“one that jabs or pokes”), a name he made up based on what he thought the Federation Standard name of the game was (but other Klingons probably would not understand this word in this sense)"

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{‘echletHommey} is, but poker (the game) is actually called {'urghwI'}.


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> shuffling cards {‘echletHommey} for poker *{poQ’ar}

I need to ask.. If I don't ask, I'll explode ! So, here goes..

Are the {‘echletHommey} for cards (poker cards) and {poQ'ar} for poker, canon ?


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My notes say that {DuD} has been used at past KLI events for “shuffle” – as in shuffling cards {‘echletHommey} for poker *{poQ’ar} (also used at KLI events).  I don’t know if Okrand was ever present.


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For physically mixing something, use DuD “mix, stir”.

{toH!} I had forgotten about this word. Can it be used more generally outside the context of cooking?

I'd assume so. It's from TKD, so it was used in a general sense before KGT added the cooking connection.


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