[tlhIngan Hol] Sentence as object using {'oH}

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Tue Aug 22 07:45:36 PDT 2017

On 8/22/2017 10:33 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> SuStel:
> > Your original subject line is “Sentence as object using *‘oH*.”
> Yes it is, but that's because the original sentence of the thread 
> seemed to me as "a sentence as object using {'oH}"; not because I was 
> trying to bend the rules, so as to create a sao with an {'oH}, instead 
> of {'e'}.

I see. That wasn't clear to me. No, you can't create an SAO using *'oH.* 
Only *'e'* and *net* do that. Indeed, that is their only function.


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