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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu Aug 17 08:34:08 PDT 2017

On 8/17/2017 11:26 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> kbop title:
> > tlhIngan toQDuj Duj De' potlh
> > klingon bird of prey general specifications
> Isn't here the {Duj} after the {toQDuj} redundant/weird/unnecessary ? 
> {toQDuj} by itself means "bird of prey vessel"; so why place a {Duj} 
> after it ?

My guess is that *De' potlh* means /important information,/ which is a 
very general thing, while *Duj De' potlh* would be /very important 
information about the ship, /i.e., /ship specifications./ Perhaps when 
I'm looking to order a computer I might look up the *De'wI' De' 
potlh*/computer specifications./

> S13 title:
> > tlhIngan qorDu' potlh
> > Klingon Family Values
> I can't understand how the english translation results from this 
> klingon sentence. All I get is "something consequential/important of 
> klingon family".

Dunno. These days we'd probably say *tlhIngan qorDu' qangtlhIn,* but 
that last word didn't exist when the card was published.


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