[tlhIngan Hol] Expressing surprise

Jeremy Silver jp.silver at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 13:09:43 PDT 2017

We could try to make some sense of it, but it's guesswork which is unofficial.

[script fragment st-minutiae 246]
			Maw' tok.

We have a some likely words that have some meaning in context.
{maw} "offend", {maw'} "be crazy", and the nearest sound-vaguely-alike {taQ} 
for "be weird" (it's easy for the sound of the Klingon "a" to drift into 
sounding more like a regular "o").

We could choose to interpret as two one-word sentences  {maw'} "it's crazy" 
and {taQ} "it's weird".

But there are many other possibilities.

On Wednesday, 16 August 2017 19:28:55 BST Steven Boozer wrote:
> Nope.  As I wrote:
>   There’s no official spelling but when Captain Nu'Daq was quickly and
> effortlessly defeated
 by Data in the *B'aht Qul* challenge (a form of
> Klingon arm wrestling), he exclaimed *Maw’tok!* in shock.  (TNG "The
> Chase")
> --Voragh

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