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As I understand it, the SkyBox people sent their English text to Okrand, who translated it for them.  Unless we have evidence that they changed the English text before sending it to the printers I think we can accept it as an acceptable variant.

Besides, what’s the difference between betraying someone and acting against someone?  Note we also have {'ur} “commit treason”, {QuS} “conspire”, {'ov} “compete” and the slang form {bol} available:

(KGT 147):  Probably because of the parallel formation of bolwI' and maghwI' (that is, verb plus -wI'), the verb bol (drool) is sometimes used to mean betray, as if it were equivalent to magh. In this usage, bol, like magh, may take an object; that is, the sentence may indicate who is betrayed: mumaghpu' ("He/she has betrayed me") or mubolpu' ("He/she has betrayed me"; literally, "He/she has drooled me"). In its nonslang sense, bol does not take an object: bolpu' ("He/she has drooled").


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So, with regards to the "act against" translation of {magh}, we can't be certain that it's 100% 'oqranD-approved, right ?


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Is the Skybox translation given by 'oqranD himself ?


He did the Klingon translations, yes, though someone else probably wrote the original English.

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