[tlhIngan Hol] When we "listen to music" what do we use ? {'Ij} or {Qoy} ? Or both ?

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> On 8/10/2017 10:17 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
>> If we want to say that someone "is listening music", then what do we 
>> use ? {'Ij} or {Qoy} ? Or both ?

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The English word "hear" is weird in that it's used both for passive sound detection ("suddenly, he heard a noise") and for active comprehension ("the crowd hear Kahless' call for unity and join together as one").

We have several examples of {Qoy} in canon, which should clarify its meaning.
  {HIQoymoH}  "let me hear (something)" (TKD)
  {jach SuvwI' 'e' yIQoy!}  "Hear the warrior cry out!" (TKW)
  {'IwlIj ghogh yIQoy.}  "Listen to the voice of your blood." (TKW)
  {Qoy qeylIS puqloD, Qoy puqbe'pu'}  "Hear! Sons of Kahless. Hear! Daughters too." (Star Trek: Klingon CD)


More examples of {Qoy}:

'arlogh wab Qoylu'pu'? 
How many times has someone heard the sound? 
How many times has the sound been heard?
(i.e. What time is it?) [st.k 2/99] 

qen 'arlogh Qoylu'pu'? 
Recently, how many times has someone heard it?
 (i.e. What time is it?) [st.k 2/99] 

De'vetlh vIQoy, vaj jIQuch 
I am happy to hear that information. KGT

yuQmajDaq may' ghe'naQ[na'] wa'DIch wIQoybogh 'oH 'u'['e']         [corrected] 
<'u'> will be the first authentic battle opera performed on our planet. ('U'-MTK)

qeylIS tIghmey'e' DaH tIQoy 
Hear now, [...] The ways of Kahless  PB

SaqSubDaq pagh Qoylu' 
   Qong SuvwI'pu' 
   puqpu' rur Heghrup loSlI' 
In the Saq'sub all is quiet, 
   its warriors asleep, 
   like children waiting for death to come. PB

'ej Hoch vengHomDaq Hoch vengDaq je
   Suchbogh ghaH qeylIS luQoy
   woQ le'yo' je 'aghbej ghaH
And Kahless spoke to them
   in every village and city he went,
   filled with pride and authority,  (PB)

Daq SumHa'vo' wab Huj Qoylu'
   qa' bIQ Dujvo' qab Qoylu'
Strange sounds come from afar,
   It is the barge of the Dead,"

toDuj lutraj quv lutraj je 
   QoymoH tlhIngan tuqmey 
To tell the Klingon tribes 
   their story of courage, 
   And honor.  (PB)

ghobmeH qeylIS lutlhej
    qeylIS qeylIS qeylIS
    qeylIS bop Hoch'e' Qoybogh qotar
[translation not available]   (PB)

luqara' retlhwIjDaq yIba'neS
    'ej lutwIj yIQoy
[translation not available]   (PB)

lutvam bejlu'taHvIS, tlhIngan Hol mu'tlheghmey chu'qu' vIchenmoHbogh luQoylu'. 
It's [i.e. ST3] the film for which I devised Klingon... (ASM)

I found only two examples of {'Ij} "listen" in context:

DIvI' Se' wI'IjtaHvIS DaH ngoqDe' wIHevta' 
We've just received an encoded message on the Federation frequency. (ST5 notes)

vIHbe'choH latlh SuvwI'pu'
   bey HoS QoymeH
   'IjmeH QamtaH
[translation not available]   (PB)

Note that the last paq'batlh example is used together with {Qoy}.


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