[tlhIngan Hol] Is Star Trek: Discovery a new canon category?

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vuD rur 'eQway; 'e' lughaj Hoch.
'ej 'eQway vIghaj je.

po'ba' Qov.
'ach, ...

>From this list's FAQ:

2.10 I just heard Worf say ooga-booga to Dax.  What does that mean?

(Joel Peter Anderson)

Short Answer:

1) Unless the context of the show makes it clear, we don't know .
2) Unless Marc Okrand explains or defines it in terms of tlhIngan Hol ,
most Klingonists will not use it.

Long Answer:

>From time to time, Trek shows use language identified as "Klingon",  but
apparently don't care to refer to the well known language delineated by
Marc Okrand. Practically speaking, the constraints of doing a weekly show
are tremendous (any weekly show). It shouldn't be surprising that the
producers don't worry too much about getting the language right.

Since Okrand himself does refer to other dialects and tongues within the
empire, this is not unacceptable, we may pass it off as some other language
of the Warrior race. On rare occassions Okrand has backfit terms from the
Trek shows into his work.

So, generally the "odd" Klingon words heard on Trek shows (or used in
occasonal Trek novels) are:

1) From Klingon tongues we don't know
2) Slang or colloquial usage not yet catalogued in TKD et al tlhIngan Hol
3) Random noise used by artistic license to stand in for real Klingon.

Since the KLI concentrates its focus on the language as defined by Marc
Okrand, most Klingonists assume option 3 and ignore them, unless such
oddities are approved by Okrand.
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