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> I also asked Marc again about using {-Ha'} on adverbs. He said that if it
> makes sense, then {-Ha'} could be used. I offered the example of {tlhIngan
> Hol neHHa' vIjatlh} and he translated that as "I speak not only Klingon" as
> in "I speak many languages including Klingon". He say that {vajHa'} still
> doesn't make sense.

I was thinking about this passage again recently, and I realized something
that no one else has commented on. While Klingons and their language are
often associated with rough speech and rougher sounds, I've discovered that
tlhIngan Hol may allow for a softer tone than previously expected...

*qaStaH nuq jay'Ha'*
*What the heck is going on here?*

*mIch 'elpu' jay'Ha'*

*Aw, geez, they've entered the sector...*

*loj qagh jay'Ha'*

*Dangit, there's no more gagh.*

*naDev yIHmey law'qu' tu'lu' jay'Ha'*
*Golly, that's a lot of tribbles!*

*nuch quvHa' SoH jay'Ha'*

*You're a no-good bum!*
*qaH nuHIvchoH jay'Ha'*

*Goodness gracious, sir, they're starting the attack!*

Obviously, this will have profound consequences for the way we think about
the language.

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