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>> I think the only canon song (as opposed to play or poem) is the Warrior's Anthem, which doesn't really rhyme or have much of a meter. It's just kind of chanted monotonically.
> It*does*  have rhyme and meter, though, at least at the beginning: puqbe'pu'/'Iw (admittedly a rather slant rhyme), maHoHchu'/wovqu', as well as the the rhythmic similarities between the second-last and third-last lines.

It's an odd duck.

    *Qoy qeylIS puqloD**
    **Qoy puqbe'pu'**
    **yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI'**
    **Say'moHchu' may' 'Iw**
    **maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'**
    **nI'be' yInmaj 'ach wovqu'**
    **batlh maHeghbej 'ej yo' qIjDaq**
    **vavpu'ma' DImuvpa' reH maSuvtaHqu'**
    **mamevQo' maSuvtaH ma'ov*

The rhymes you point out are there, and the stresses are really weird. 
Lemme rewrite this, ignoring the usual transcription system rules about 
capital letters, and instead capitalize stressed syllables, as sung by 
the actors.

    *QOY QEY-lis PUQ-LOD**
    **QOY PUQ-be'PU...U'**
    **YOH-bogh MATLH-bogh JE suv-WI'**
    **SAY'-moh-CHU' may' 'IW**
    **ma-SUV ma-NONG 'ej MA-hoh-CHU'**
    **ni'-BE' yinMAJ 'ach WOV-QU'**
    **BATLH ma-HEGH-bej 'EJ yo' QIJ-daq**
    **VAV-pu'ma' DI-muv-pa' REH ma-suv-TAH-qu'**
    **ma-MEV-qo' ma-SUV-taH ma-'OV*

Writing this the same way, but using the stress rules from TKD, 
understanding that the rules there are very rudimentary, we get this:

    *qoy qey-LIS puq-LOD**
    **qoy puq-BE'-PU'**
    **YOH-bogh MATLH-bogh je suv-WI'**
    **SAY'-moh-CHU' MAY' 'IW**
    **ma-SUV ma-NONG 'ej ma-HOH-chu'**
    **NI'-be' YIN-maj 'ach WOV-qu'**
    **BATLH ma-HEGH-bej 'ej YO' QIJ-daq**
    **vav-PU'-MA' di-MUV-pa' REH ma-SUV-tah-QU'**
    **ma-MEV-qo' ma-SUV-taH ma-'OV*

Finally, here is how I would pronounce it as prose. Through everything 
Okrand has ever spoken aloud, my stress matches his. I'm not saying I'm 
right, or that Okrand's pronunciation must be the proper Klingon 
pronunciation, just that I think I can reproduce what Okrand would say.

    *QOY QEY-lis PUQ-lod**
    **QOY puq-BE'-PU'**
    **YOH-bogh MATLH-bogh je suv-WI'**
    **SAY'-moH-CHU' MAY' 'iw**
    **ma-SUV ma-NONG 'ej ma-hoh-CHU'**
    **NI'-BE' YIN-maj 'ach wov-QU'**
    **BATLH ma-HEGH-bej 'ej YO' QIJ-daq**
    **vav-PU'-MA' DI-muv-PA' REH ma-SUV-taH-QU'**
    **ma-mev-QO' ma-SUV-taH ma-'OV*

If this song is representative of Klingon music, or at least of anthems 
of this sort, then Klingon music really lets loose with stress, but it's 
otherwise not remarkable compared to Western music (and that's because 
it was written by Western writers in English and translated by Okrand; 
in real life it is not an original Klingon composition).


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