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SuStel wrote:

Ø  Your point 2 answers your point 1. tlhIngan woch puS tera'ngan woch rap means
the Klingon is as tall as the Terran, and that's a bad thing.

Disparagement  is the act of speaking about someone in a negative or belittling way.

Iagine a different sentence (said with a sneer):

  tlhInganvam woch puS verengan woch rap
  This Klingon is as tall as a Ferengi!


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> connotes negative quality
> (connotes disparagement, seldom used)

What is the difference between "connotes negative quality" and "connotes disparagement" ? I googled disparagement, (because I didn't know its meaning), and I got the synonyms of "devaluation, debasement, derogation".

The way I understand the "connotes negative quality" and "connotes disparagement", with regards to the matter we are discussing is:

If I want to say that the qagh is as dead as a stone (which is a negative quality) then I use {A Q puS B Q puS}. But if I want to say that the forehead of someone's mother is smooth as a peach, and I want the phrase to have the maximum insulting effect, then I will use {A Q puS B Q rap}. And maybe, in the qagh example, if I want to insult the chef who ccoked it, I will use again {A Q puS B Q rap} instead of the {A Q puS B Q puS}. Or is it that the "disparagement" concerns only the occupant of slot A, and not those in direct relation to him as well ?

Am I right ?

> If the positive antonym is used in place of law' and the negative in place of puS, you get the same
> meaning as the standard law'/puS. If the order is reversed, you get A is less Q than B. The reversed
> version is seldom used. Okrand does not give any examples of doing this with Hoch in the B slot, but
> he says it can be done.

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