[tlhIngan Hol] Question marks next to nouns

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Sun Aug 27 23:22:02 PDT 2017

Am 26.08.2017 um 07:15 schrieb De'vID:
> Star Trek V has a line spoken by Klaa that goes {'entepray'? qIrq Duj 
> 'oH.} It might be an exclamation rather than a question, though it's 
> phrased kind of like a rhetorical question.

Actually, he says {'entepray''a'?}, obviously breaking (or bending?) the 
rule that {-'a'} is only a verb suffix, but it's clearly a yes/no question.

> When Klingon is spoken, the grammar is a bit more lax than what's stated 
> in TKD. According to the rules, you'd have to say {pu'meymaj DISop'a'?}, 
> but if you said {pu'meymaj?} it would be acceptable spoken Klingon.

Of course it would. The tone can say things that cannot be written.

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