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In order to form a question, we can either use the interrogative {-'a'}, or
we can use question words such as {nuq}, {chay'}, etc..

However, recently I have been wondering whether it would be allowed, if the
conversation calls for it, to write a noun placing next to it the question

For example:

{mawambe'chugh vaj nuq wISop ? pu'meymaj ?}
If we don't hunt, then what will we eat ? Our phasers ?

In Star Trek III, Kruge asks {vaj Daleghpu'?} Valkris answers {HISlaH
jawwI'} even though it wasn't a {-'a'} question.

Star Trek V has a line spoken by Klaa that goes {'entepray'? qIrq Duj 'oH.}
It might be an exclamation rather than a question, though it's phrased kind
of like a rhetorical question.

When Klingon is spoken, the grammar is a bit more lax than what's stated in
TKD. According to the rules, you'd have to say {pu'meymaj DISop'a'?}, but
if you said {pu'meymaj?} it would be acceptable spoken Klingon.

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