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> After a while, you'll start to get a feel for which sources have canon for
> which words, and also get a feel for which words don't have canon
> associated with them.

As an addendum, eventually you'll get a feel for which words don't really
need you to look up the canon in the first place. {veb} and {vorgh}, for
instance, are relatively mundane stative verbs with simple English glosses.
Even if they did have canon sentences, those canon sentences are probably
going to look just like you expect.

Also, it's important not to worry too much about canon. I don't mean you
should ignore grammar and use words however you want and the like. It's
important to know the rules. But many words have never been used in a
sentence, or have never had their precise meanings elaborated on, or are
only known from an ambiguous gloss in TKD, or have been used
inconsistently. You will eventually encounter areas of vocabulary and
syntax where the old pros and canon knowers don't know anything more than
you or I do. If you obsess over making sure everything is 100% perfectly
canonical, you're just going to burn yourself out when you try to handle
the things we don't know precisely. In the end, sometimes you just have to
take a guess on a word. The worst thing that can happen is a couple dozen
strangers on the Internet think you goofed up.
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