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Am 24.08.2017 um 16:39 schrieb qurgh lungqIj:

> There's a whole section on how to say "That's stupid" as in "that's
> ridiculous".

I checked that one and noticed that not everything you my call ridiculous
really is also silly. Silly has a negative connotation, but there are
ridiculous things that are still very good.

Ridiculous has as much a negative connotation as silly does. There are good
silly things (that's a silly little song I love) and bad ridiculous things
(it's ridiculous that they made us wait in that 100 degree room for 5
hours, someone almost died!).

The text does explain how to tell someone one's opinion on what they just
said though. That's pretty much what using "ridiculous" as an exclamation
is doing. Without any more context from qunnoq I don't know if he wants to
use it as an adjective or in as an exclamation like this:

I ate 20 pies!
That's ridiculous/stupid/silly/nonsense/etc

All those can be covered by {Dap} and/or {chatlh}.

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