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Thu Aug 24 06:36:44 PDT 2017

On 8/24/2017 9:17 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> Often, I come across the need to say the word "ridiculous", but 
> unfortunately this word doesn't exist in klingon.
> The only word we have is {nuS} (v) "to ridicule". Is it possible, 
> through the use of suffixes or by any other way, to produce the word 
> "ridiculous", from {nuS} ?

I would be more likely to invoke *Dogh* or *lI'be'* or something like that.

I suppose you could say something like *DujlIj vInuS*/I ridicule your 
ship,/ but why are you informing the listener about your ridicule rather 
than actually doing the ridiculing?

My wife uses the word /ridiculous/ so vaguely and frequently that I can 
never tell whether she's saying something is good or bad. "That price 
was ridiculous!" is something she might say, and I can't tell if she 
means the thing was surprisingly cheap or insanely expensive. Exactly 
what meaning of /ridiculous/ are you looking for? Use it in context.


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