[tlhIngan Hol] use of {'el} with {-moH}

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Aug 21 07:28:52 PDT 2017

>> Is the {pa'Daq dog lu'elmoH} correct for "they caused the dog to enter the room" ?

Not if you mean *{pa’Daq ‘el} “enter the room” then {‘el} “enter” already implies {-Daq}:

mIch 'elpu' jay'
They've entered the @#$% sector! (TKD)

Hevetlh wIghoSchugh veH tIn wI'el maH'e'
that course will take *us* into the [Great] Barrier as well! (ST5)

HIq DaSammeH tach yI'el
To find ale, go into a bar. (TKW)

tach vI'el, HItlhej
Let's go to the pub. (RT)

neHmaH Da'el net tu'
Caught breaching the Neutral Zone. (MKE)

ghe'tor 'el qeylIS
Kahless enters Gre'thor   (PB)

ghe'tor vegh Duj  / Suto'vo'qor lojmItmey 'el Duj
The barge went through Gre'thor into the gates of Sto-vo-kor  (PB)

pa' 'elDI' Duj 'Iw HIq pIw qagh pIw je lularghlu'chu'
The smell of bloodwine and gagh filled the barge upon entering. (PB)

ghe'tor 'el nuv ghe'torvo' tlheD ghaH
    'e' tu'be'chugh neH veqlargh
    ghe'torvo' cheghlaH nuvvam
One can only return from this Underworld,
   If Fek'lhr does not notice one
   Entering or leaving Gre'thor.  (PB)

qa' qo' chu' 'el Duj
The barge entered a new underworld  (PB)

ghe'tor Da'elta'
    'ej lojmItmeyvo' Damejta'
    'ach bIrIQbe'mo' SoH neH
Since you are the only one
    Who ever entered Gre'thor,
    And left the gates unharmed,  (PB)

vavlI' loDnI'lI' je DaSammeH
    ghe'tor Da'elmo' 'ej Damejmo'
    QeHchoH qa'pu' vaj lubIjlu'
They will pay for the anger
    You caused by entering and leaving,
    Gre'thor in search of your kin.  (PB)

If you want to say something else happened there, use {-Daq} as a place stamp to set the scene:

 pa'Daq mo’ DOG lu'elmoH
 in the room, they caused the dog to enter the cage

i.e. everyone – both the people and the dog -- were already in the room when the action occurred.

If you’re asking about {DOG lu’elmoH}, I’ll let someone else comment.


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